Koebi James Moonlight (koebijmoonlight) wrote in survive_the_end,
Koebi James Moonlight

Status Update: Thomasville Survivor Base

Things are holding up well here. Mel managed to bring a whole cache of weaponry up to the base, and Dad is apparently doing fine; he just drove in earlier today with a few trailers carrying M88A2 Hercules and M109A6 Howitzer military vehicles from BAE systems (some of you may know it by United Defense). So, saying that we're well fortified here would be an understatement. Dad brought with him some of the guys from the plant he works at to train a few individuals here on the use of the vehicles; we have about eight in total.

Made a scavenging run into Hanover yesterday to see what we could get out of the shops there supply and survivor-wise. The city is completely over-run; we only managed to pick up three survivors. I fear the worst for my sister, niece and nephew. Plenty of stuff we got from Home Depot, Lowe's and Aldi's. Wal-Mart was too overrun to risk going in. A crew got to work on re-enforcing the fence around the airfield to maximize security; I went along with on security duty for a while, and looking out across the road is depressing. Some of the houses around are destroyed or burnt down, and we've already got all the survivors we can find in a five-mile radius.

One outbreak last night in the sleeping commons; we lost fifteen survivors before we got the situation under control. We now have sentry working 24/7 around the entire 'base' to keep these outbreaks under control. We need to find a cure as soon as we can.

Military came knocking only a few hours ago telling us that they were taking over operations here, and I essentially told them to go to hell. We're willing to work with them, but not for them. The truth is, though, that we're running out of space for people to live here, and we're going to have to start sending them _somewhere._

Guys, we're having trouble finding you. I know where Fort Nix is, and I know better than to send anyone over their airspace. Jill, Susan, George, you guys need to send me your location info as best as you can manage so I can at least send you some supplies. The moans are getting louder, I want you guys safe.
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