Erin (claramata) wrote in survive_the_end,

Check In

Alright. I'm in Thomasville with Paul's group. He grabbed me early in the morning the day after... well, yeah. I grabbed everything I could think would be useful that I could carry. My stepfather's medication, he won't be needing it anymore, and I didn't know if there would be any diabetics who could possibly need it, all our first-aid supplies, blankets, my laptop, the knives, my stepfather's nightstick from his corrections officer days.

I left my mother barracaded in the bedroom. She'd been infected, though she hadn't been attacked. I read somewhere that it was some kind of mosquito thing. I took a pretty bad gash from an exposed nail trying to fight her back into that room. Cleaned it well and wrapped it though, so I'm fine. Never thought I'd have to beat my own mother back with a stick. Before she went crazy she begged me to kill her, and... I couldn't. Someone will find a cure, right?

It was frightening that my stepfather's police scanner was silent for the last hour I was in Jersey... You'd think the chatter would be ceaseless, but it stopped. Guess that means things are bad there, right?

And I was shocked to hear that the military had prepared for this. Collars, really? Why didn't we know? Why didn't they warn the general population? They knew that there was something that could turn us into zombies and they didn't warn us!? I don't trust them. What else aren't they telling us? For all we know they could have a cure that they're keeping under wraps. Don't believe everything they say.
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