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Still Kicking

The Truck is going whacko. I think the transmission is getting weired from all the undead bennys that get in my way. I'm really scared guys. I managed to find a back road that isn't festering and got on the laptop. My hands are shaking so bad that I can barely type. I'm heading your way Paul, just as soon as George responds...if...he responds. I told my family that I was heading with you all, and that I would see them soon. I havent heard anything from them since yesterday morning, and I fear for the worst.

I 'liberated' some stuff from the gun shop down the street. Who knew that I could fire a shotgun? I also picked up a pistol or two, plenty of ammo, and I found a crossbow. No fucking clue how to use it, but I'm sure I can figure out how. The other reason I got the truck is because I've packed some medical supplies I got from work. I snagged Aderol, Morphine, Asprin, Anti-Diarehhal, and I think Oxycodone from the pyxis at my job. I had to use a chair to knock it open, but I got it. I also have several first aid kits. If we need medical supplies, I've got them. I snagged a box of sharps, (thankfull unused), and some stuff from a phebotomists cart. I've also got some blankets, gauze, burn salve and rubbing alcohol and peroxide. I'm comming guys, dont you worry.I'm a mobile fucking Rite-Aid Plus right about now.

I grabbed some of the non perishables from a Cumberlands late last night. THe story was empty, so I grabbed canned milk, hard rolls, caffiene pills and some energy bars among other things.

I didnt sleep well last night. I pulled the truck into some brush and covered it up with mud and pine branches so it looked like an abandoned car. I slept in the back, but I still didnt sleep much. I can hear the moaning from everywhere, and it doesnt exactially let you sleep well. I didn't dare put my Ipod on because I think they can hear it. Fuck, I think they can hear me BREATHE.

I read once on Rachels vest 'It will all be okay in the end, and if its not Okay, then its not the end'

And its obviously not ok...so its not the end...right guys? We're gonna save you Zach, and I'm gonna meet up with Paul and gonna get George. We're all gonna be ok, we just need to keep holding on to hope.
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