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I ditched the safehouse. I haven't been seeing as many zombies, so I figured it'd be safe to try and move. Plus, with the infared hunting and all, I figure that many humans in one place is a big glowing target. I'm heading to Brielle, where my family's still holed up. Might look and see if I can find any survivors we know out there on my way, namely George. Last message I recieved from uncle Joe was that they're running out of food. So I hotwired one of the least damaged vehicles I found in the streets (amazing what I can remember from my time as a juvinile dilinquent), and I'm raiding grocery stores along the way. Lack of license be damned, I can, in fact, drive well and it was a sick kind of gratifying to raid a Pathmark. The little girl that was following me around the compound is with me, wouldn't stay back with the others. I'm keeping her safe. I took a hunting knife with me, wouldn't touch guns, but I haven't had to use it. There's no zombies. She talked for the first time after we left the camp. Her name's Lizzy. I nearly cried when I heard her voice. She still doesn't talk much, and won't say anything about what happened to her family other than to tell me they're gone, but maybe she'll get better. Uncle Joe's a shrink, maybe he'll be able to help her better than I can.

Susan, you're not the only one that's seen the freaky military types. I spotted them and veered away as soon as I saw them. I don't like solider types. I have an inherent mistrust of authority, espeically authority with guns. Saying something for the stepdaughter of a cop, right?

Annie Annie, if you're looking at this, I know I sent you this site last time I was able to pick up signal, I'm coming.
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