Koebi James Moonlight (koebijmoonlight) wrote in survive_the_end,
Koebi James Moonlight

Update again.

Been a pretty quiet day. He have a few crews out clearing some of the main roads out here to make for easier travel, one of which caught Erin riding toward us. She's safe and sound inside our base at the airport, and I'm glad for that. Jill and George are supposed to be on their way, soon, too. and Susan's still in the Philly library. I hope they can all hold up okay for now.

Military came back today, but not like I had suspected. Three or four guys came up, I went to the gate to meet them, and they asked if they could have some food and cigarettes. Apparently the military's rations are getting way smaller. I asked them to lay their arms outside, they happily agreed, and came in for a meal. They asked if they could stay, which surprised me. They told us about the living conditions and food situation at the nearby military encampment, and I was inclined to agree. They offered to smuggle in some weaponry, ammo and supplies, which sounded like a good deal. These four guys were willing to trade a lot more eagerly than the military itself; they refuse communication with me. Bigots.

Took one of the Cessnas out to do a little scouting, and things aren't looking too pretty. Harrisburg airport is so overrun I couldn't even land there. All of the larger cities are pretty much lost. Even spring Grove is going up in flames.

Tomorrow, we're getting a few more supply groups out to try and get into the local Wal-Marts. We need clothes in bulk, cleaning supplies.. just general living kind of things to keep morale up. Signing out for now.
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